Brewdog Sell Over Half a Million Cans of Barnard Castle Eye Test…And Keir Starmer Pops In For a Drink!

Back in May when lockdown was still a thing in the U.K. BrewDog captured the spirit of the moment by announcing they were brewing a Dominic Cummings inspired Barnard Castle Eye Test. The demand was so high that it crashed their website and this booze writer like many was left disappointed that he was able to order any despite trying many times.

Today BrewDog Captain James Watt revealed that their website was down for 9 hours such was the demand for their zeitgeist beer (BewDog actually have a beer called Zeitgeist but that is a different one!) They did there best to keep up with the demand by producing a staggering 648,768 cans (all they could produce), the profits of which enabled them to produce over 100,00 bottles of hand sanitiser.

And who should pop in for a celebratory drink than the Leader of the Opposition Sir Kier Starmer MP who visited their Tower Hill bar. It was a good choice by the Labour Leader to choose a modern British company with a global outlook in stark contrast to Boris Johnson supping a pint of ale behind the bar at a Weatherspoons with chief Tim Martin.

Like Keir have you managed to get yourself a can of this brilliantly named beer? Let me know in the comments below!